“It is not the mind or thoughts that are creating your reality as is commonly believed, it is the openness or constriction of that which is at the centre of your being, your heart and your willingness to receive Love”



Our essence is wholeness. There is nothing that needs doing or changing in order for this to be so.

For many, our habitual perspective is in conflict with our wholeness. We have trained ourselves to see completion somewhere, anywhere but here and now.  Being the change we want to see in the world is an inner stance.  If we want to see a world in love we are invited to deeply love ourselves, each other and the planet as we are now- not once we’re changed, now.

Being Whole is a healing process which works by including everything that we are, it provides one window through which we can experience ourselves beyond judgement.

In a Being Whole workshop, aka a Remembering, or in a one to one session you will experience safe holding and skillful facilitation. This is a gentle letting go of the barriers to receiving that which heals, sustains and animates every cell of your body, Love.

Past clients and participants often speak of tender heart opening as parts of themselves that were hiding in shame or guilt feel loved for the first time.  Healing is inclusion. By leaving nothing out, we remember wholeness is our essence.



“I experienced a powerful, benevolent shift, within my consciousness. This work is beautiful alchemy.”
– Scott