Befriending the Body

“You cannot comprehend or fail to comprehend any idea without that first your Spirit, in full awareness, chooses the illusion that you do or do not understand, that you can or cannot learn, and then your body, faithful servant that it is, acts out exactly what you have chosen.”

– Brent Haskell Ph.D


The ego uses the body as evidence that its perception of our separateness is valid.

Many of us can feel let down, betrayed or disconnected from our bodies because we have unconsciously projected onto them the fear that separateness brings.

However, our bodies can provide a gateway to experiencing our wholeness. Our body speaks to us about our beliefs and attitudes through its vitality and health. It holds within its cells the imprint of the predominant and repeating thoughts we hold about ourselves and the world.

Befriending the Body leads you to a more intimate connection with your most constant companion. You will be supported to engage your body as an ally as you turn your attention to the energetic imprint of yourself healed, earthed and abundant.



“The simplicity and complexity of what has come since dance around me. So much gratitude for unveiling the deep need for me to trust my body, to trust to stay in it, to keep alive in it. It was a very insightful session we shared and something my mind cannot comprehend – the work was deep.”
– Rosie

“I came away with a genuine shift in how I see my world. Lots fell into place since e.g. I had been eating well but not lost any weight for months and the week after the session I dropped 2kilos. I have landed in a place where it is much easier to choose what works for me.”
– Miriam


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