Letter from the juicy edge.

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  Hands up who gets turned on by Nature and her protruding, green, wildness! I know I’m not the only one who finds sensuality in the way leaves tickle the air or the caress of a meandering river along its banks and boulders. I recently had a conversation with a woman who allowed herself an orgasm lying in a field stimulated only by her deepening breath and the warm caress of the sun on her skin. I was a little jealous, and it inspired me to love myself that much too. I am, we are, undoubtedly worth it. The subject of our connection to nature through heightened sexual or life energy has been on my mind for a while. At the Hearthland Festival in the Scottish Highlands last year, forty men and women joined me at the river side to experience exactly that. We didn’t take our clothes off, we weren’t touching or even looking at each other. We did something much simpler, we breathed deeper into our bellies and lower backs and with our intention and attention, we let the energy that built, rise up our spines. We found ourselves tingling all over and in a way that matched the aliveness exuding from every form of green around us. In silence we set our creature bodies free and padded and rolled and lay in and on Nature’s skin, feeling intimately into the pointedness of grass, the slow penetration of roots into soil, the tender tension of a droplet of water clinging to a leaf. How could we ever have overlooked this? At the end of the workshop I heard several voices in exclamation: “This is the missing piece I’ve been looking for”, “this adds a whole new dimension to connecting to nature through the heart, it’s more visceral”. The more I intend my breath into my pelvis and lower back, the more I become aware of how much latent energy is held there. To begin with it sometimes feels like anger, rage even but if I stay with it, breathing, it moves and often becomes a giggle or a hiss or a sensuous growl, un-interpretable and primal in its wisdom. I am thankful that burning women for such expression is a thing of the past and I don’t wonder why men and women both put so much energy into containing this unpredictable spontaneous wildness. And yet without it I realise I am limited to a surface level experience of myself, as individuated, minded, strategic and sadly inauthentic. That which makes me different from you and the world is actually the part of myself that is most limited and separated. Michael Brown (author of The Presence Process) nailed it for me; “ A more accurate definition of who and what we are is that which we share with all life” So I’d like to make an informal invitation to those who have ears to hear and curiosity to feel the tingle,  to find your spot in the wild, alone or accompanied and breathe. Breathe with intent into the cradle of your pelvis and invite the aliveness that stirs to move up your spine. Let your definitions go and experience the protruding green wildness gently tickling your cells....

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We Are Already Whole; Solution Through Inclusion

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“Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field; I’ll meet you there.” Rumi We are living in challenging and exciting times. As science grapples to get its head around the interconnected behaviour of our tiniest particles and activists and governments join the dots to protect the one planet whose beauty we cannot live without, Life is whispering to those who are quiet inside that if we could really feel how intimately we are connected to each other, we might blush. The field of which Rumi speaks is US. It writes and reads these words and has created a zillion different biological and technological process to make that possible. It is Life. All of us creatures great and small, plant, animal and mineral, seen and unseen too. The fact that there is nothing excluded from this field makes it intelligent. Its intelligence is the integration of all its parts, all parts of us as we are now. If we are to consciously let this knowing field inform our lives (I’ll get onto the benefits of this) our primary task is to allow ourselves to occupy our place in this field, to allow ourselves to belong to it. Allowing ourselves ‘in’ is an act of self-love. When we grant it to ourselves, we automatically grant it to others. Our first act of service towards a more harmonious planet, community, family, work place must be this; to receive love with no conditions, to allow that we belong just as we are right now. Even as you read this…. Transcending the inner judge who points to wrong and right and has a constant plan for improvement is as daring as it gets. There is a quiet but deadly fear that without it we will appear foolish, lose friends, career, motivation and direction and become some sort of zombie, gazing into space with nothing to contribute but dribble. This is the judge’s response as we approach the unknown. Its intention is to keep us safe and yet it is founded on fear, fear that if we don’t do it right, our belonging is threatened. In her TED talk Jill Bolte Taylor described her experience of a stroke in the left hemisphere of her brain. As a neuroanatomist she was fascinated by the profound shift in perception towards wholeness that opened to her as her left hemisphere flooded with blood and closed down and her right hemisphere took over. “In the absence of my left hemisphere’s negative judgement, I perceived myself as perfect, whole, and beautiful just the way I was” (Jill Bolte Taylor, 2008) We have the capacity to discern this from that (left brain) at the same time as allowing that both this and that are welcome (right brain). Our capacity to function using the consciousness of both hemispheres of our brain simultaneously enables the field to inform our thoughts, words and actions. Using the whole of our brains is an act of service to the whole. It arises when we suspend our reliance on figuring it out ourselves and are committed to showing up in the moment, empty yet ready to be informed. Our systems of education, training and problem solving have long been skewed towards the cognitive, linear, dichotomising left hemisphere to the exclusion of the...

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First of all its an impossible task to write about Isness. Words aren’t designed for expressing it; square peg in an infinitely spiralling round hole. But there is a delight in trying nonetheless. The delight brings me closer to the unnameable and deeper into me which is always where I want to be. Exquisitely, this is the most direct route deeper into you. Here goes, coming to you between the lines. As I use the word ‘Isness’ it refers to that which is beyond thought. To arrive, I come in closer than my breath. I am still. I include everything. I am unchanging. Remembering. In 2002 I had an experience which sowed an awakening seed. For a matter of minutes, inside and outside where continuous. There was nothing that was not me. Not in the sense of personality but in the sense of essence of me. I was without boundary and my centre was everywhere. Suddenly there was nothing to do. No sense in the story I had for myself; nothing I could speak could represent what I knew myself as in those minutes. Yet this was inconvenient truth. I didn’t exist in a way I recognised and so I rejected it. It was too much. A rude awakening and I felt put out. A Course in Miracles says “The giving up of judgement, the obvious prerequisite for hearing God’s voice, is usually a fairly slow process, not because it is difficult but because it is apt to be perceived as personally insulting”. You gotta laugh. And the seed was sown. I have experienced ‘Isness’ as both the most extraordinary and the most ordinary thing – the variable is my receptivity. When soft and open, the revelation is ordinary, in the details of sunlight on water, in the stance of my beloved, in grass under feet, in coffee swirls; in any detail i choose to spend time with. Occasionally I crash land into Isness because my thoughts have got me in a downward spin. Eject is the only option if I want to live. To love. The moments when the dust is settling are full of revelation, priorities change in a crisis. Isness has tickled me awake during a Vipassana meditation course. It was a good day when I discovered that at the centre of the worst knee pain I had ever sat with was a sensation the same as the sensation in the centre of my relaxed pinky finger. The way was to bring awareness to the sensation of pain and continue through it to subtler and subtler vibrations within it. Finding the centre of it was finding the centre of all sensation. You’ve got to come in to find the centre and then you are everywhere. A 12 year old boy said this: “The really amazing thing is that all the information in the universe is within us. We could sit in a meadow our entire lives and know everything that is going on if we would just be willing to discover what is in us.” Scotty in ‘Conversations With The Children of Now’ Nuff...

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Naturally human, naturally updated

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Gabrielle Roth tells the story of a Rabbi’s son who asked his father as he lay dying what he would most miss once he had passed on. The son was expectng his father to refer to his religion or family in his answer. He was shocked when his father said two words; “my body” What concerns me most about our collective obsession with screens is that it sends our bodies into stasis. As I see us (and I’m writing to myself too), we are trying so very hard to be good human beings; earning our keep and keeping up with connetions, that we’ve forgotten the blessing and wonder of the most fundamental specification that comes with being human on planet earth; being in a body. There are one septillion things going on in my body in every moment (and yours too). There is an amazing collaborative effort on the part of my organs, bones, muscles, nerves, not to mention the multiple colonies of bacteria, just so that I can sit still, breath, reflect, digest and move my fingers and wrists to write to you! Needless to say that this collaboration is happening without me thinking about it at all. And yet in popular thinking, its a radical thing to call this incredible orchestration intelligent. What’s more; those collaborations are just on my inside. The exterior system, commonly called nature, is another mammoth collaborative effort on the part of forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, insects, fungi (and on and on) that we clearly don’t think about in order for it all to work. And yet it is still radical in schools to teach that nature, like our bodies, is intelligent. I suggest that the definition of intelligence is in serious need of updating. The darkest effect of our effort to make technology more ‘intelligent’ is to lead us further and further from awareness of and relationship with the Intelligence that IS US and the world we live within. I appreciate that our gadgets are ever more stroke-able, our apps ever more…applicable yet can the production of pocket technology really be called intelligent when it requires a vast hole to be dug into the Earth and rare non-renewable minerals to be extracted and idly trashed and at great cost to human, animal and plant life? I think not. Perhaps our time and curiosity would be better directed to the large portion of our brains that are as yet ‘unmined’ – I suggest that our brains functioning at full capacity will make technology as we know it obsolete. As I see it we cannot avoid the Great Turning…ON. An increasing number of us are nurturing a genuine two way relationship with the natural intelligence we stand up in and which communicates through our intuition, body, feelings, inspired thoughts, and connective actions. This is no small thing. The shift in perspective is gaining ground. I vision a bright future for education. I see the tables turning in our schools as we adjust our perspective to create education as it MUST be if we are to thrive and expand into our capacity as sentient beings with a universal perspective. I see an evolving acknowledgement of the field’s intelligence moving through us. For example, Rupert Sheldrake’s theories discussed among 17 year olds. Their curiosity will dissolve...

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Change in Climate – to love what we love for the sake of love

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I suggest we clean up our angst over climate change. I believe its time to let go the guilt and stand in our ability to respond out of the joy to love what we love. This is the shift in consciousness Einstein was pointing to when he said that we cannot solve a problem within the paradigm that created it. Let’s approach this change of climate from the perspective that we have done nothing wrong. We’ve simply proved to ourselves that the law of cause and effect is non-negotiable. We have remembered that we are intimately connected to All Our Relations; animal, vegetable and mineral whether we live as if we are or not. Take a moment to consider how the the universe is organised. All that swirling and rotating on multiple dimensions, all in perfect synchronicity with itself, each subatomic particle of this immensity is dancing to the same rhythm. What if the same force that organises harmonious personal, family and community life is also organising the movement of the planets and the birth of stars in far off galaxies? What if Love is the universal self-organising principle? In order to expand, Love needs feedback loops. Isn’t it our love for our bounteous, beauteous, blessed home planet that has led us to question our obsession with profit at any cost? Isn’t it our love for our children and our children’s children that drives us to acknowledge the intelligence of all life, not just human. Crises are steering us, these are our feedback loops and we listen to them because there is inside them something we all love. Truth. It is true that paying attention to the feedback loops is simply intelligent. Its not rocket science to work out why. The most helpful response to climate change as I see it is to consider the bigger picture in which it sits. As Elisabet Sahtouris says; “We are coming to the future via our crises” – the problems as much as the solutions are part of the evolution of the universe. Sorry if that’s an obvious point but I feel its worth stating. And I know that you know that reducing carbon emissions is a part of but not the fulcrum of the change we collectively seek. We seek to live the truth because we love. Let us consider our lives from the highest perspective we can allow, let the revelation of that perspective live within the intimacy and day to day interactions of our lives… the cosmic is there in the mundane as soon as we are open to it it. This revelation is the inspiration for action that is truly intelligent. Love is radically allowing. It is allowance. Within Love’s laws all parts get to live their full expression and be informed by their consequences. Love makes welcome all aspects of life at it’s table; war as much as peace. It is also such that it includes the freedom to forget (or seem to forget) that with every heartbeat we are both expressing and affecting the whole. Love has boundless capacity for acceptance. The simplicity of the open heart’s direction is universally human. Under every need for defence or attack is a longing for release. The call for peace, joy and love is within every act of war....

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