Change in Climate – to love what we love for the sake of love

Posted By on Nov 19, 2014 |

I suggest we clean up our angst over climate change. I believe its time to let go the guilt and stand in our ability to respond out of the joy to love what we love. This is the shift in consciousness Einstein was pointing to when he said that we cannot solve a problem within the paradigm that created it. Let’s approach this change of climate from the perspective that we have done nothing wrong. We’ve simply proved to ourselves that the law of cause and effect is non-negotiable. We have remembered that we are intimately connected to All Our Relations; animal, vegetable and mineral whether we live as if we are or not.

Take a moment to consider how the the universe is organised. All that swirling and rotating on multiple dimensions, all in perfect synchronicity with itself, each subatomic particle of this immensity is dancing to the same rhythm. What if the same force that organises harmonious personal, family and community life is also organising the movement of the planets and the birth of stars in far off galaxies? What if Love is the universal self-organising principle?

In order to expand, Love needs feedback loops. Isn’t it our love for our bounteous, beauteous, blessed home planet that has led us to question our obsession with profit at any cost? Isn’t it our love for our children and our children’s children that drives us to acknowledge the intelligence of all life, not just human.

Crises are steering us, these are our feedback loops and we listen to them because there is inside them something we all love. Truth. It is true that paying attention to the feedback loops is simply intelligent. Its not rocket science to work out why.
The most helpful response to climate change as I see it is to consider the bigger picture in which it sits. As Elisabet Sahtouris says; “We are coming to the future via our crises” – the problems as much as the solutions are part of the evolution of the universe. Sorry if that’s an obvious point but I feel its worth stating.

And I know that you know that reducing carbon emissions is a part of but not the fulcrum of the change we collectively seek.

We seek to live the truth because we love. Let us consider our lives from the highest perspective we can allow, let the revelation of that perspective live within the intimacy and day to day interactions of our lives… the cosmic is there in the mundane as soon as we are open to it it. This revelation is the inspiration for action that is truly intelligent.

Love is radically allowing. It is allowance. Within Love’s laws all parts get to live their full expression and be informed by their consequences.

Love makes welcome all aspects of life at it’s table; war as much as peace. It is also such that it includes the freedom to forget (or seem to forget) that with every heartbeat we are both expressing and affecting the whole. Love has boundless capacity for acceptance.

The simplicity of the open heart’s direction is universally human. Under every need for defence or attack is a longing for release. The call for peace, joy and love is within every act of war. Really.In order to see this, we have to open our hearts to being tenderly honest with the simplicity of being. Here we are in peace and what could be more effective in bringing peace than seeing peace already there? Perception is all. Our shifts in perception have far reaching ripples. For the most part we have our heads in the sand about this. We are looking in the wrong direction when we measure progress in exterior terms. An inward gaze is essential. It is the capacity of our hearts for Love which is the centre around which it all turns. Its time to stop beating ourselves up that we haven’t done it better and instead focus on our ability to see, think and act with the will to love what we love for the sake of love. This is the most effective response to climate change and only love will come of it.