Relationship as Guide

“You see things, not as they are, but as you are.”

– Eric Buterworth

We can count on no-one more than our intimate partner to mirror for us the unintegrated aspects of ourselves. They are our greatest ally in our return to wholeness.

It is well known to many of us that our intimate relationships are very efficient at mirroring the aspects of ourselves that are disowned. Without awareness we can get lost in accusation, perpetuating the denial of responsibility, thus blocking the way to our vulnerability and the opening of our hearts to the parts of us that await our embrace.

Relationship As Guide is a process for couples who recognise that their individual journey into wholeness is a central part of their relationship with each other. This journey includes the couple’s family and ancestors who speak through the relationship for their own healing.

Over 3 sessions with myself and your partner, you will explore the blocks to the flow of love within your own family system and witness your partner do the same. We will do this through constellation and dialogue.

In addition I will lead you both in a variety of exercises which will support you to relate with one another from your centre.

You will complete the process having gained insight into the gifts of healing your relationship brings; both to yourselves and to your family and ancestors.


“Since I did the work with you, my heart feels like my own, part of my own flesh and blood, no more feeling ‘blocked’ or separate.”
– Jo

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