Earthing the Mind

“Kindness is both wild and wise.”

– Jay Griffiths

Human beings are falling back in love with their planet home. We are remembering our place in the Earth community. This is good news and it is a long road. For centuries, we have been moving away from nature and have found our identity and power in being other, even superior to it.

As we return to membership alongside other than human species, we must simultaneously turn our compassion and attention towards the aspects of ourselves and our world which have a destructive relationship with non-human life.  Health returns when all aspects are included

In this Remembering you will have the opportunity to bring awareness to the inherited core beliefs that keep you from a more intimate, nourishing relationship with nature.

Within the context of a constellation you will be able to hear the messages nature has for you and experience yourself as an essential part of the intelligence called Gaia.

This workshop is particularly recommended for anyone engaged in ecological preservation and regeneration – you may be an activist, a grass roots organiser or an environmental lawyer. You will be supported to focus a constellation on live issues which concern you and take from the workshop  insight into which actions and persectives best serve the human, plant and animal communities involved.



“It was an honour to be working at such a level to bring about a positive shift in energy for the earth and ALL of us, wildlife included. I can personally feel a massive shift in energy and alignment with my purpose.”
– Shona


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