Letter from the juicy edge.

Posted By on Jul 3, 2016 |


Hands up who gets turned on by Nature and her protruding, green, wildness!

I know I’m not the only one who finds sensuality in the way leaves tickle the air or the caress of a meandering river along its banks and boulders. I recently had a conversation with a woman who allowed herself an orgasm lying in a field stimulated only by her deepening breath and the warm caress of the sun on her skin. I was a little jealous, and it inspired me to love myself that much too. I am, we are, undoubtedly worth it.

The subject of our connection to nature through heightened sexual or life energy has been on my mind for a while. At the Hearthland Festival in the Scottish Highlands last year, forty men and women joined me at the river side to experience exactly that. We didn’t take our clothes off, we weren’t touching or even looking at each other. We did something much simpler, we breathed deeper into our bellies and lower backs and with our intention and attention, we let the energy that built, rise up our spines. We found ourselves tingling all over and in a way that matched the aliveness exuding from every form of green around us. In silence we set our creature bodies free and padded and rolled and lay in and on Nature’s skin, feeling intimately into the pointedness of grass, the slow penetration of roots into soil, the tender tension of a droplet of water clinging to a leaf. How could we ever have overlooked this?

At the end of the workshop I heard several voices in exclamation: “This is the missing piece I’ve been looking for”, “this adds a whole new dimension to connecting to nature through the heart, it’s more visceral”.

The more I intend my breath into my pelvis and lower back, the more I become aware of how much latent energy is held there. To begin with it sometimes feels like anger, rage even but if I stay with it, breathing, it moves and often becomes a giggle or a hiss or a sensuous growl, un-interpretable and primal in its wisdom. I am thankful that burning women for such expression is a thing of the past and I don’t wonder why men and women both put so much energy into containing this unpredictable spontaneous wildness. And yet without it I realise I am limited to a surface level experience of myself, as individuated, minded, strategic and sadly inauthentic. That which makes me different from you and the world is actually the part of myself that is most limited and separated. Michael Brown (author of The Presence Process) nailed it for me;

A more accurate definition of who and what we are is that which we share with all life”

So I’d like to make an informal invitation to those who have ears to hear and curiosity to feel the tingle,  to find your spot in the wild, alone or accompanied and breathe. Breathe with intent into the cradle of your pelvis and invite the aliveness that stirs to move up your spine. Let your definitions go and experience the protruding green wildness gently tickling your cells.