Reconciling the Inner Child and Inner Parent

“The most important relation in creation is between the conscious and the subconscious; that which I call the mother and the child.”

– Dr Ihakealaha Hew Len


Understanding the relationship between the child and the parent within us is a key to experiencing the wholeness we are.

Collectively (in some cultures more than others) our inner child has been suppressed and dismissed over generations. Its innocence and instinctive response to life are at odds with ‘progress’. In order to survive as children, we develop a multitude of strategies to ensure that we belong. However the world we are trying to belong within has forgotten its own tenderness and vulnerability.

During this Remembering you will reacquaint the adult protective and rational aspects of yourself with the childlike spontaneous and instinctive aspects. Clearly both are needed and yet the child holds the key to your experience of your essential nature.

In this Remembering we will use the practice of Ho’oponopono to reconcile the adult and the child within. Using this both in meditation and as part of a systemic constellation, has a deeply relieving and transformative effect.

You will leave this Remembering with a renewed ability to allow your inner child to inform your perspective thus creating in your life more space for spontaneous creativity, wonder and joy.


“I learned something absolutely fundamental about the relationship between my internal ‘parent’ and my internal ‘child’. Powerful powerful work. Beautifully held by you. I really drank from your delicate presence.”
– Catherine


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