Reconnecting Love and Money

“The task before us is to align money with the expression of our gifts.”

– Charles Eisenstein


Money is a tool for exchange. It has no bias of its own as to how it should be used and yet money has gained a bad reputation. Why so?

When we were born, within us was an ancient imprint of needs; to live surrounded by many who love us and see the whole of who we are; to live in harmony with the natural world and to recognise and connect with our inner wisdom. These needs simply cannot be met by the current paradigm of consumerism, capitalism and separation. So little by little our tender hearts found it necessary to close. But how to get by without love?

In part, we have attempted this by using money as a tool to compensate for these ancient needs not being met.

The purpose of this workshop is to reset your relation with money so that it can flow through your life without obstruction. You will be supported to bring awareness to the negative beliefs you have about money and compassion to the unconscious wounds (individual and collective) that give rise to them. You will remember that money is in your life to assist with the unfolding of your gifts and the manifestation of your best visions.

This is an opportunity to shed light on the shadow behind money and welcome it anew in service of love; for people, planet and future generations of all species.


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