“Manifest and unmanifest, visible and invisible, all and everything is consciousness. When we realise this then there is nothing to own, nothing to fight for, and nothing to boast about.”

– Satish Kumar

The word ‘workshop’ doesn’t get close to describing what a Being Whole ‘workshop’ does, so I use the name REMEMBERINGS.

A Remembering is a space in which healing and learning happen. However, the information is not new to participants, it is remembered.

A Remembering includes silence, guided inner inquiry, council, dialogue and systemic constellation.  It may also include time alone and in nature if the venue allows. We begin by extending the invitation for each to speak and listen from the heart, this brings us present to one another and begins to create the container for the remembering.  From this council and my listening to the energetic field of the group, the form of the day emerges – the way in which systemic constellations are to be used and what meditations or exercises will support the core need of those gathered. Follow this link for more information about how I work.

In a Remembering, the ‘field’ or collective intelligence of the group is acknowledged as the most potent aid in coming home to our wholeness.

There is a great power when we gather in numbers with a shared intention. Rememberings engage this power in the service of love.



“The work enabled me to see clearly the story at play in my life. It opened up a door helped by the presence of a potent, loving and supportive group.”

– Anthony