She and He Consciously Relating

“To Love is to encounter each other centre to centre.”

– Teilhard de Chardin


She and He is a Remembering focused through the lens of the relationship between the feminine and masculine polarities within us. The focus is here because no matter how we define our own gender or sexual orientation, it is out of the entwining of these two, male and female, that our body grows. In a very real way, the union of these two within us is the starting point of our embodied experience.

This workshop creates a safe holding for you to witness the map of the hidden dynamic between your inner masculine and inner feminine. You will be guided to see, without prejudice or judgement, inner dynamics that are  entangled in the past. You will find over time that there is a shift in how you experience the feminine and masculine in the outer world that is a direct consequence of paying attention to your inner world.

The universe is benevolent. I hope that you will leave this Remembering able to recognise more immediately life’s constant invitations to awaken from the separation that causes suffering between She and He.



“For me the experience was profound and heart felt. I was able to move forward with the strength and clarity that I had only hoped for and not realised was truly possible. I gained clarity around what was mine and what was the other person’s, while honouring and owning who I am and what we both shared.”
– Jeni Lyn


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