Shift in Perspective

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein


Being stuck can be frustrating and depressing. It can also be a blessing as it is a road sign pointing us towards a more dynamic and wholesome expression of ourselves. Finding the courage to follow the sign brings us to a new edge and an opportunity to expand.

Shift in Perspective is a walk I take with individuals who are ready to realise that their creative power in the exterior world begins with the mastery of their interior world.

The starting point for this walk may be a breakdown in communication with family or friends, a matter of intimacy with your partner or even a developmental or financial issue with your project or business.

Over a minimum of 6 sessions I will invite you to:

–  understand your part in the creation of the issue or inquiry
–  identify the value or belief at the core of the issue
–  discover that by being present to the original wound (belief), you will come into your heart .
–  nurture the deep compassion that births transformation

We will work largely with systemic constellationsHo’Oponopono and subtle body awareness exercises.

You’ll leave with an increased awareness of the function of emotion and sensation, a greater familiarity with your inner knowing and a deeper relaxation into your physicality. These are some important keys to unlocking limiting beliefs and shifting your perspective to one of realised wholeness.


“In my own constellation it was the wisdom of Lucy’s gentle intervention that very quickly shifted things from a place that had felt impossibly stuck to a place where I clearly saw how unforgiving I had been to aspects of myself. Lucy’s safe and compassionate presence supported me to hold myself present to the emotion of forgiveness in my body and what felt like the melting of frozen patterns of trauma.”
– Lorna


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