Systemic Alchemy Groups

“The really amazing thing is that all of the information within the universe is within us. We could sit in a meadow our entire lives and know everything that is going on if we could just be willing to discover what is in us”

– Scotty, aged 15

The essence of being human is that we are profoundly connected and profoundly sensitive. In order to live a connected sensitised life we must honour our vulnerability; doing so completes the feedback loop between ourselves and the universe. Our feelings communicate along this feedback loop, to be aware we must stay open to our feelings. Yet, to survive in a world that does not yet recognise the value of vulnerability, many of us have needed to disconnect from this core aspect of ourselves – particularly in the company of others.

In a Systemic Alchemy Group, we bring compassionate attention to these tender aspects and witness others do the same. We remember that we are in fact safe to reveal our essential selves to others and they likewise are safe with us.

Systemic Alchemy Groups consist of 6 to 8 people who agree to walk together for 4 sessions lasting 3 to 5 hours each.

During the sessions each of you will have the opportunity to be the focus of a constellation. You will bring whatever is alive within you into the constellation so that you can see the inner healing communicated through the bodies and movements of the others in the group.

Healing goes deeper when it is shared. Our relationships become much more satisfying, more forgiving when we give up hiding our vulnerability.  These groups are one way we can create an energetic blue print for humanity’s healing.

Systemic Alchemy Groups are closed once they are running. There are two ways of being a part of group :
– Join an upcoming group

Initiate a group in your area.

If you’d like to find out more or wish to host such a group within your community or circle of friends please get in touch.


“I instantaneously knew, upon meeting Lucy, that I would be held in the utmost respect, throughout our time together, and as we moved into the group work, this was confirmed many times. She has a deep level of integrity, and a gentle and clear intuitive wisdom.”
– Scott

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