We Are Already Whole; Solution Through Inclusion

Posted By on Jun 23, 2016 |

“Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field; I’ll meet you there.” Rumi

We are living in challenging and exciting times. As science grapples to get its head around the interconnected behaviour of our tiniest particles and activists and governments join the dots to protect the one planet whose beauty we cannot live without, Life is whispering to those who are quiet inside that if we could really feel how intimately we are connected to each other, we might blush.

The field of which Rumi speaks is US. It writes and reads these words and has created a zillion different biological and technological process to make that possible. It is Life. All of us creatures great and small, plant, animal and mineral, seen and unseen too.

The fact that there is nothing excluded from this field makes it intelligent. Its intelligence is the integration of all its parts, all parts of us as we are now. If we are to consciously let this knowing field inform our lives (I’ll get onto the benefits of this) our primary task is to allow ourselves to occupy our place in this field, to allow ourselves to belong to it.

Allowing ourselves ‘in’ is an act of self-love. When we grant it to ourselves, we automatically grant it to others. Our first act of service towards a more harmonious planet, community, family, work place must be this; to receive love with no conditions, to allow that we belong just as we are right now. Even as you read this….

Transcending the inner judge who points to wrong and right and has a constant plan for improvement is as daring as it gets. There is a quiet but deadly fear that without it we will appear foolish, lose friends, career, motivation and direction and become some sort of zombie, gazing into space with nothing to contribute but dribble. This is the judge’s response as we approach the unknown. Its intention is to keep us safe and yet it is founded on fear, fear that if we don’t do it right, our belonging is threatened.

In her TED talk Jill Bolte Taylor described her experience of a stroke in the left hemisphere of her brain. As a neuroanatomist she was fascinated by the profound shift in perception towards wholeness that opened to her as her left hemisphere flooded with blood and closed down and her right hemisphere took over.

“In the absence of my left hemisphere’s negative judgement, I perceived myself as perfect, whole, and beautiful just the way I was” (Jill Bolte Taylor, 2008)

We have the capacity to discern this from that (left brain) at the same time as allowing that both this and that are welcome (right brain). Our capacity to function using the consciousness of both hemispheres of our brain simultaneously enables the field to inform our thoughts, words and actions. Using the whole of our brains is an act of service to the whole. It arises when we suspend our reliance on figuring it out ourselves and are committed to showing up in the moment, empty yet ready to be informed.

Our systems of education, training and problem solving have long been skewed towards the cognitive, linear, dichotomising left hemisphere to the exclusion of the instinctive, intuitive, inclusive right hemisphere. The time is ripe to develop and emphasise practices that engage both sides of our brain in tandem. One such practice is systemic constellations. A deceptively simple field sensing process used to reveal the hidden dynamics that cause persistent problems in systems of all sizes and functions (families, businesses, communities, ecosystems) The constellation teaches us on several levels simultaneously. Most immediately it demonstrates that our bodies are signalling our direction to us constantly through our feelings; we have but to shift our outward focus, inward. Participating in a constellation we also realise that it is possible to allow the field to move us simply by intending it so. This requires no training or experience, just our bodies and our willingness. We also experience in a constellation that the emotions and belief programmes that define ourselves to ourselves can be temporarily replaced by those of the system the constellation is in service to. Once we step out of the constellation the familiar patterns that tell us we are ourselves return. If we wish it and allow it, this experience loosens our attachment to those patterns. The constellation highlights our plasticity.

The field is a place of forgiveness. It brings forth our innocent selves with all the creativity and enthusiasm they have access to, their wisdom comes from our future.

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