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Who I work with


Being Whole serves anyone who wishes to bring awareness and compassion to the hidden dynamics that are causing separation and suffering, tailored to meet the needs of individualscouples and ongoing small groups.

Rememberings are Being Whole workshops created in the service of the group gathered.  They are emergent events. Either a Remembering focuses through an advertised theme or it focuses on the family issues brought by participants. Systemic constellations are central to this facilitation.

Being Whole also creates bespoke events for teams and communities to:

– enhance cohesion and renew their shared vision

– clear grief and unspoken undercurrents

– facilitate insight into their next steps

– increase efficacy and deepen or expand their range of impact.

Whatever their motivation, people who engage with Being Whole report insights and healing that have far reaching ripples which benefit their personal and professional relationships, their connection with nature and most fundamentally their relationship with themselves.

“I found Lucy an exceptional workshop leader. Her calm presence and obvious experience created a space within the workshop that inspired confidence. She modelled non-judgement and listened deeply, not only to what was spoken, but also to what was left unsaid. The space that she facilitated invited trust and commitment, and inspired authenticity.”

– Lorna

Where I work


I go where I am invited. If you wish to host a Being Whole event in your area please send me an email. With each collaboration a good exchange is found so that hosts feel appreciated.

I currently offer Rememberings in Moray and Edinburgh, Scotland.

I run ongoing groups in Findhorn and Forres, Scotland.

I work with individuals and couples from my practice in Forres and via Skype.

Have a look at the calendar for more info on upcoming events.

“It was a very powerful day for me in helping me identify and name parts of my inner dynamic, so bringing greater clarity to my experience. Very helpful to see these parts so authentically portrayed too, and to be able to interact with them – amazing new experience! I will come back for more and wholeheartedly encourage others to come.”
– Joannie